To group several products together. Very common in discount stores where, for e.g., several shampoo bottles are put together to sell in multiple quantity. As a guarantee / freshness seal for product. To protect product from dirt and scratches. To improve product presentation. Product wrapped with shrink film looks more glossy (usually perceived as better looking).

Usual method of application
Putting the shrink film sleeves manually and passing the product (with shrink film) through a heater and conveyor system called "Shrink Tunnel". For sample purposes, heat from hair dryer can also be used. Mass production application usually employs automatic machinery to put the sleeve onto product together with automatic heating.

Areas of Application
Food Products :-Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Beverages, Liquors, Pickles, Jams, Jellies, Fruit Juices, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Ghee, Edible Oils, etc. in bottle/can/packets.
Cosmetics :- Soap, Powder, Perfumes, Hair Oils etc.
Consumer Products :-Pan Masala, Tissue Boxes, Lanterns, Stoves, Computer CDs, Disks, Stationery & Accessories, Toys & Games, Greeting Cards, Playing Cards, cariety stationery items, audio & video Cassettes etc.
Others :-
Automobile Parts, welding electrode boxes, glass bottles, beverages & liquor bottles etc.

Specifications :
Size : upto 600 mm L/F (Lay Flat) width.
Thickness : .02 mm to .06 mm
Machine direction (length) 10% - 20%
Transverse direction (width) 50% +/- 5%

The PVC heat shrinkable film is one
of the revolutionary products, since it is suitable for various kinds of packaging, such as cosmetics, beverages, food products, pharmaceuticals, toys, all kinds of plastic, glass & metal containers, household appliances, etc.


Economical packing Water, moisture & fungus proof - increasing shelf life. Prevents duplicacy, pilfer proof, tamper evident and all round packing. Scratch proof & provides extra strength preventing damage during transportation Suitable for all kinds of irregular formed bottles, containers etc. as the film takes any shape contour or format. Over wrapping of single or multiple units.


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